Come back to this page often to see the latest developments in my writing, including works in progress, short stories and events I am participating in.

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I have shifted workshops moving from Nebraska Novelists back to Nebraska Writers Workshop. This is due to a number of things. NN focus on novels and I am working on short stories. Not their thing. And I am experimenting with some writing techniques. Sort of not in their zip code. NWW is a good workshop, with some great commentary and an open forum to read just about anything. I have finished published the sequel to Keeper of an Ordinary. I retitled this novel as Keeper: Trial and Vengeance. This relates well to the story. I have independently published and it has been out since July 2017. Keep an eye on Amazon and other internet retailers.


The Nebraska Writers Guild Fall Conference in October was again held in Aurora, NE. This is second of the two annual writers conferences put on by the Guild. The Fall conference is located mid-state to accommodate the writers in the Fall. Featured speaker at this conference was Alex Kava. She gave a great keynote address on the state of publishing, and how her own experiences have leaned her into another, more interesting direction. I highly recommend any writer attend this Fall Conference, as well as the upcoming Spring Conference in April held in Omaha. You will be glad you did.



My participation with the Nebraska Writers Guild has grown. I am now a Board Member at Large and one of the Project Coordinators for the Guild's Six Corners of Nebraska events in 2017 honoring the 150th anniversary of statehood. We had events in Chadron in March and Norfolk in April. In May we had a big event in Bellevue, then McCook, North Platte and rounding it out in Kimball. These events were well attended. I usually take a spot to read a short story. Mostly, I was the moderator of the event.



I compiled and edited the Guild's anthology, Voices from the Plains in December of 2017. This was a very successful endeavor for the Guild and you guessed it...they want another for 2018. This edition came out on December 1st. The number of authors participating went to nearly 70, and the page count for this second edition climbed to over 500 pages. Voices from the Plains 2nd Edition is available at The Bookworm in Omaha, Francie & Finch in Lincoln and online retailers.


I missed the Thanksgiving, in Sausalito, the wonderful family annual event, this year. But I will see my sister Rusty and brother in law Tony this year and will post pictures at a later date. This year will be a blast.

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