December 10, 2018

“For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.” 
― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

     Now comes the December, this December, the labor of many months has come to fruition. Five months of my life, from the middle of Jul...

April 23, 2018

   Last year, 2017, and this year so far, 2018, have been quite busy for me as a writer and

board member of the Nebraska Writers Guild. Busy has not been bad, quite the opposite, it has been rewarding and successful.

   2017 started off with a Nebraska Writers Guild...

September 24, 2017


A writer can never be so completely sure the end of a book is the actual end of the story.

                When I finished KEEPER of an ORDINARY in the summer of 2015 I was fairly certain I had written all I could...

May 5, 2017


     Kill your Darlings – Stephen King

     She came down the row of chairs wearing an expression I have seen before. She neared, and I knew exactly what was on her mind.

     “You had to have him die?”


December 20, 2016

          Yearend reviews are piling up on the media landscape like so many snow drifts on the highway to Fargo South Dakota. I find, assessing this past year, I have to separate the writer from the average person. I am all that...

May 14, 2016

   Comedy is hard work. It’s not funny how hard it is to craft a joke, or tell an anecdote in a way that gets a chuckle. Any comedy writer, or stand-up comedian will tell you that it is easier to flop than to fill a room with laughter. It may very well be easier to mak...

April 4, 2016


My weekly writers’ workshop is structured to provide time for writing lessons as well the opportunity for participating writers to read and receive constructive criticism on whatever they are working on.

The lesson portion is partitioned for poetry, screenwriting and f...

March 7, 2016



When the still sea conspires an armor

And her sullen and aborted

Currents breed tiny monsters

True sailing is dead

Awkward instant

And the first animal is jettisoned

Legs furiously pumping

Their stiff green gallop

And heads bob up

Poise, delicate, pause, consent

In mute nostri...

January 1, 2016




   This time of year people are considering resolutions and setting goals for 2016. A writer’s goals may be quite different than, say, an average Joe or Jill. Of course, losing a couple of pounds and eating more greens are good things to work on. However, a writer m...

December 7, 2015


Recently I got into a Twitter Tiff with another writer over my rewriting of their log line. I tried to help with clarity and brevity. I took onelong sentence of mixed ideas and made it two sentences of a single subject each. I thought it an improvement. That’s not wha...

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