The Omaha World-Herald called ALGONQUIN “a coming-of-age adventure story…a tale of maturing in the age of the Vietnam War and enduring friendship”.

Omaha World-Herald Feb. 8, 2014

SISTERS' SECRET is a novel of grief and obsession. Mike Smith loses his beloved Rebecca to a horrible crime. There are no suspects and no leads. Mike feels powerless. He tries to lose himself in his work. Months later he attends his high school reunion. There he learns his high school girlfriend and her younger sister were abducted and gang raped. The crime was never reported. Mike is horrified, but moreover, he believes he knows who among his classmates committed the crime. Mike sets out to expose the criminals. But in so doing, he puts his life at risk.


Richard Rice, investigative reporter, is nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his expose on Russian mafia prostitution and human trafficking in the Chicago area. Harassing phone calls, slashed tires and an attempted break-in at his house don’t stop Rich’s investigation. When a sniper’s bullet nearly kills him, police advise Rich to leave Chicago. He goes off-the-grid hiding out at The Ordinary, a bar in ethnically diverse South Omaha. The Russians look for Rich bent on silencing him forever. Rich thinks he has the protection of the FBI, but it may just be an ambitious young agent who sees a chance to advance his career by dangling Rich in front of the Russians. It all comes to a head in a terrifying gunfight, from which only one person emerges.






An international thriller has journalist Richard Rice up before a grand jury and then in pursuit of Russian Mafia members halfway around the world from Omaha, Nebraska to India and Odessa, Ukraine, after they kidnap his wife. Trial & Vengeance is the second novel in the Keeper series.





West of Antipathy

"There's a joy in writing short stories, a wonderful sense of reward when you pull certain things off." Tobias Wolff

The nine short stories that comprise this collection were written between 2014 and 2018. The stories were primarily writing exercises and mental challenges to keep my pen sharp and my wit sharper while researching and outlining novel projects.

Among these stories are thrillers, mysteries and suspense. A couple have a flick of humor and wink of introspection. But each is an earnest attempt to tell a story in an entertaining way. If you are surprised, the story is a success. If you smile, the story has achieved its goal. If you are frightened, then there is something very real in the story.





KEEPER Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace follows Rich's return to the United States. Grieving for his wife Gisele, Rich wants only to be left alone. But through an Omaha Police CCTV video Rich learns his vengeance is not yet fulfilled. Keeper Coup de Grace is the third novel in the Keeper series. 

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